Isaac Flippin Family [#75]
[submitted by Nova A. Lemons]

Isaac Flippin was born c1781 in VA, probably in Bedford Co.  His father, Thomas Flippin, as a resident of Bedford Co. served as a sergeant during Lord Dunmore's War in 1774 and provided patriotic service during the Revolutionary War (1775 to 1781).  He rendered valuable service as a scout and a teamster with wagon hire with which he would transport war materials and supplies from Bedford Co. to Fort Patrick Henry.  Isaac was either born during the last year of the war or shortly after the war ended.
Shortly after his birth, the family moved to the area of NC which later became TN in 1796.  His father purchased land there in 1782 and also several land grants.  They lived in the areas of Greene Co., Jefferson Co. and Hawkins Co. (TN).
Sometime in 1797 the family moved to Warren Co., KY area.  Barren Co. was formed in 1799 and they found themselves in this new county.  Eventually they found themselves in another new county when Monroe Co. was created in 1820.
The earliest record on Isaac Flippin was when he was appointed as one of the first Justices of Peace in Barren Co. in 1799.  The next record is of his marriage to Nancy Watt on 30 Oct 1816 in Warren Co.  It is not known why Isaac married late, being about 35 years old.  His wife Nancy was born c1796 (age about 20 in 1816).
Then there were several deed and tax list records for Isaac up until 1844.  His widow Nancy was listed with property on 1845 Monroe Co. tax list.  Burial location for Isaac or the early members of the family have not been found.  They may have been buried on their own property.
Their children were:  Milton A., Emeline W., Elsey B., Mary Jane, Samuel Wesley, Thomas A., Francis M. and John C.

NOTE:  For more information, see Isaac Flippin and his family in the Flippin Families section and Nova Lemons' line.

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