Who was actor Jay C. Flippen
and where does he fit in the Flipp*n family tree?

Jay C. Flippen was a stage, screen and television star. For a brief history of his life, this "Great Characters" website has good information.

Jay C. Flippen was born John Constantine Flippen, Jr. to John Constantine Flippen and Emma L. Pack on 7 March 1899 in Little Rock, Pulaski Co., Arkansas.  He was listed as 1 year old with his parents, John and Emma, on the 1900 Pulaski Co., AR census [p. 21B] in Big Rock Township of Little Rock.  Also listed was his 9 year old sister Era.  They were living on #703 West Markham St.

His father John C. Flippen died in September 1908 and his sister Era sometime in March 1909, leaving J. C. and his widowed mother Emma, both who were on 1910 Pulaski Co., AR census [p. 202A], living on #519 Scott St. in Little Rock (Ward 7).  Also living with them was Emma's widowed mother Mary Pack and a lodger, Walter Ahring. 

According to various online articles, Emma (Pack) Flippen was a ballroom dance instructor and held various local talent shows.  This obviously influenced Jay's early life, directing his path into the theater world.  By 1930, we find Jay C. Flippen working as an actor and living in New York City.  The 1930 New York Co., NY census [p. 18B] showed him as a guest in the household (hotel) run by James Moore on #1507 Broadway.  His mother, Mrs. Flippen, was also in the same household.  By then Jay was listed as divorced man.  Nothing yet is known of his (first) wife.  He would have married her during 1920s.

Jay C. Flippen married Ruth Brooks in 1946 and they lived in Los Angeles, CA where Jay died during a surgery on 3 February 1971.  Ruth was born 14 September 1921 in New York City and died in Los Angeles on 9 July 1981.  No mention was made of any children in Jay's obituary.  Jay is buried at Westwood Memorial Park in Los Angeles. 

Now where does John Constantine "Jay C." Flippen, Jr. fit in our family tree?  His father John Constantine Flippen was born in 1860 to Henry Dixon Flippen and Susan Lochridge and died in 1908.  His wife was Emma L. Pack.  If you go to the online Flipp*n family history book, and do a search for Henry Dixon Flippen, you will find more on this line, including John Constantine "Jay C." Flippen.

Now can anyone identify the actress Lucy Lee Flippen and where she fits in our Flipp*n family tree?  Lucy Lee Flippen, best known as Eliza Jane Wilder of the TV show "Little House on the Prairie", was born 23 July 1943 in Philadelphia, PA.

Nova A. Lemons -- lemstar97@yahoo.com
15 Aug 2008